Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yesterday - social status and the end of the cheerleader

Two separate incidents:

I was at a Birthday Party with my four year old for her little friend Emma. While at the party a mother of a darling little boy, Paul, mentions, "I didn't know you went to High School here, LHS or BHS?" I answer. She wants to know year of graduation. I answer. She was there. She starts running down lists of people she knows and we find a few commonalities, and where did I live and so on.

I reply that we moved here after my dad died and my grandfather built a really nice house for us in one of the gated golf communities. She mentions the kids that live there. I reply that I wasn't accepted by them because despite the address we were living on social security checks while my mom went to school and I didn't fit in with those kids. We talk a bit about how this town is particularly keen on placing people in boxes based on address, attire, ethnicity, and relations. I describe how I'd explained all this to my husband who used to summer here to visit his grandparents but who was never part of the culture.

Interesting... I now live in a different gated golf community per my husband's requirments for a house. This mother, like many others, automatically assumes I am a snob based on my address. I see light bulbs going off over her head as she looks at me with new eyes.

In previous posts I have mentioned (shredded) "Sales Guy" and his "Cheerleader" wife. They did a good job of making my life difficult for a while last year and occasionally rear their ugly little heads and do so some more.

I am delighted to say that SAP Geek has put in motion a plan to push "Sales Guy" to quit so he cannot take % of the business with him. Hip Hip Hooray!!! Maybe I'll start going to company functions again...

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