Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mother in Laws - honestly

Really. Why did God make them? They are like flies. Always buzzing around being annoying, messing up dinner, avoiding the fly swatter and living to pester another day. I think that once the "son/sun" gets married the mother should just poof - vanish into thin air or something. egads.

Mine hasn't done anything particularly amazing lately - just the usual - BEING NICE. How is it that women of a certain age are NEVER mean. They wouldn't dare be mean. And yet they are such bitches? Really! The kids were excited, I broke down and bought "Prince Caspian" even though it was some $24 (but there are 3 of them, plus me, so even at $5 a ticket we would have broke even at the theater, plus I made popcorn...)

Anyway - mother in law had a smaller child at her house - and wanted to tell me and apparently the other kids all about what smaller child did and so when older child excitedly started telling mother in law about "Prince Caspian". She answered "I KNOW. I saw it in the THEATER." Wench. He is 8 and he is your GRANDSON.

And that is how she is. She lives to take the air out of people's sails. If it wasn't her idea it isn't any good. And she'll boss you as the day is long with her ideas. And she isn't good at that - you know how some people can tell you their idea and you think, "hmmm.... That sounds cool. I should try that." NOPE - with this one I always go "great, now if I do that she's gonna run all over town telling everybody it was her idea." And gracious knows if I, the evil daughter in law, come up with something that the kids like or my husband (sorry, I meant "her son" of course) like or worse, are excited about, she does everything she can to chop it down to size.

So... in case you have any... I'm looking for recipes for chocolate pudding pie to take to her house with extra caffeine (she has high blood pressure don't cha know) and a wee bit of arsenic. Doesn't that sound yummy???


Suburbia Steph said...

Sorry, I have no chocolate pudding pie recipes to share...nor a mother-in-law either (RIP)!

You know, let me suggest KraftFoods.com for a recipe....they always have good, easy stuff on there.

Kelly said...

They are evil!

I feel bad talking smack on mine right now though, she's having heart problems and can't come home from Arizona. So I will do it when she's better!