Monday, April 27, 2009

My brother -

So the sibling rivalry thing - it just doesn't seem to stop around here. You know? A week or two ago I ranted about this big to do for my brother at work. He is currently working out west but his "home base" is here and so the team was in town which meant special props for him. My mother had me crazy by her need to control everything frustrated by the fact that she was absolutely not in charge and no one {among the people pulling this thing together} would tell her anything. We spent Saturday celebrating the company and my brother and his litany of accomplishments. He is disgustingly intelligent, diplomatic, able to get people to do things, total A-List Golden Boy. I managed to survive the brother worship without embarrassing myself, and I'm pretty sure without embarrassing him either. Sunday his kids want to come hang with my kids. After a long drawn out day they finally arrive and after he finishes up his work obligations he shows up for dinner around 7 pm. Somehow it comes up that I "moonlight" for my husband's company.

A.) My husband smirks at my brother and says "well her official title is SERVICE MANAGER." nice. in front of my mother even. I try to laugh it off.

B.) I bring up that I taught SAP Geek how to twitter and how many good contacts did he receive within the first two weeks of twittering??? lots. And if he's use it correctly (key words, interesting bits about what he is doing instead of his flight status (idiot!) ) how many would he connect with? lots more.

C.) the damn blog. I started a blog for SAP Geek's company when they were flat in the water without a bit of wind to kinda add some energy, create a little buzz, whatever. The clients LOVE it. SAP Geek tells me they refer to it all the time. They LOVE it. My brother snorts. "yeah, I came across the blog once. I was googling a link. people actually read that?"

Fuck you. Take your Tom Cruise look alike, brilliant self, and get the fuck out of my house.

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