Monday, April 6, 2009


You know.  Sometimes you stop and think.  I have a son.  He is 7.  He is an arrogant little shit.  Really.  He is a sweet kid, and he cares about people's feelings but he speaks to people like he is some version of Raja and the people aroung him are peons.  He speaks to me like this.  I have called him on it and called him on it and called him on it.  I realized:
His father speaks to him like this.  His father speaks to me like this.  His father has been deemed by my therapist (from when I was seeing one two years ago) a narcist.  And so is my son.  WTF?
I am not sure how to live with either of them.  I have realized recently that I have changed who I am for my husband.  I kept who I was under wraps for my mother and father too.  I was always the good girl (I got dubbed "Sandra Dee" while acting like a teenager and playing "I never" with a group of drunk women recently.)  I can't do or say the things I think because it might embarrass my husband or my mother or now my kids.  I am rather tired of that.

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