Sunday, September 28, 2008

So I need to lay off

I fI am not careful this is going to become "Kitty's grievance blog against the husband."  Which would be a drag. 
and so despite the fact that I am irritated as hell with him, I shall attempt to blog about something else.
So... I have somehow landed the lovely job of being on the Auction Committee this year for the Preschool.  And on top of that, being the class art projects person.  I've done art projects for the auction about 4 years ago (?) My now almost 8 year old son was then... one or two... so I guess it was 6 years ago.  
Anyway - last time I did it the Auction Chair at the time pretty much said "we've agreed on quilt, pieced for 4 year old classes but not pieces for other classes... we want handprints of each kid... due date is such and such..'GO' " and that was that.  This year L- won't let it go so I'm doing everything on her time line and I'm about to combust here.
I have yet to finish unpacking from the spring's adventures
I have to organize school papers
I need to read the books on dyslexia and study the law a bit
I need to get my business back up and running 
AND INSTEAD I am quilting and painting and trying to write

there are not enough hours in the day - there are def. not enough hours without the 2 year old helping or destroying the whole thing

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Discoveries... Testing is required by LAW!

So I am feeling rather pleased with myself and generally "bad assed" just now.

Back- up

I have a child in 5th grade.  Her second grade teacher, her third grade teacher and the reading specialists have all suggested to me that the child be tested for learning disabilities.  Her father reacted violently to the suggestion and so I let it lie.  I figured I'd come back to it.  Well, he has finally wrapped his head around it and I've requested that the child be tested.  So on Monday we had a "child study" meeting.  The teachers all agree she should be tested, the Vice Principle is looking at the kids SOLs and telling me the kid is functioning well.  The Special Ed lady either doesn't want the extra work or is worried about her budget and if the kid is functioning and not causing issues for the school then let her be.  I am so friggin naive.  I thought they were there to help me.  I thought they were there to HELP THE CHILD.  Apparently not.

So I've been stewing on it.  I called the state board.  I can ask for mediation which is free but voluntary so both the school and I have to agree.  I can file a due process report which is basically like going to court.

I looked up the National Center for Learning Disabilities, clicked on local stuff and started calling numbers.  I just got off the phone with someone at "Discoveries" in Newport News Virginia who assured me that if I want to have the child tested for Special Ed/Learning Disabilities it is my legal right to have the child tested.  Apparently I want to speak to the director who will tell me the proper procedure.  The director is in Alabama at the moment.  

I am so relieved.

So I am to talk to the director on Monday and we will see if my relief lasts for any amount of time... but just being told "Yes, you didn't make it up.  The law says they have to test her."  That is huge.  I think I'm going to go cry and then I need to clean up the arts and crafts mess I made with the preschooler...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

so a friend of mine

so a friend of mine needs all the help she can get just now...
 she has been a voice for persons with skin issues for a while now and someone is trying to take advantage of her and her readers...

so please note; my friend Cailin has moved is no longer "MY PRETTY FACE ~ ARBONNE AND PSORIASIS" 

Cailin continues to offer a voice to persons with psoriasis on: and she continues to sell Arbonne

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's been a few days... weeks...

What can I say?  Been busy.  Little access to the computer.  Not enough time.  Whatever.

I was just putting the almost two year old down for a nap - the three year old suggested we all nap together which in theory is great except 'small one' has never quite gotten the social sleeping thing.  So after getting to "almost  asleep" three times and being jarred out of it by Small One, Small One is now in the crib hollering.  As I was leaving Small One, and pass by the still dark fish tank and fed the fish, for some reason my brain jumped to an issue with Beefcake.  Beefcake works with SAP Geek (I think that is what I named my husband... okay dork that I am I just checked and yep, that is him)  SAP Geek owns the damn company - Beefcake agreed to hold a position in exchange for an ownership % has gone back on his agreement and still has his %.  Beefcake like to throw his % around and let everybody know... Beefcake doesn't want any risk, appears to work when he feels like it, keeps all the sales contact info for himself and somehow he manages to sell SAP Geek on the idea that Beefcake is indispensable.  Beefcake is working with a bunch of CaliTechies on a project that is going nowhere fast.  I do not understand why I am on this crazy, insane, tight budget so that SAP Geek's salary can fund the company's expansion when Beefcake gets to ride along.  Beefcake and the CaliTechies need to go away.  Far away.  They need to get hung out to dry now, before anymore banks close, any more mortgage companies get bought, and things get worse.  Because I am a smart enough girl and I'm reading enough articles, posts and blogs by people way smarter than me to see the writing on the wall.  It is going to get worse.  Possibly way worse, before it gets better.  And I'm not up for carrying any dead wood.
So, if you are kind enough to read my ramblings and you have any ideas as to how I might extricate SAP Geek from Beefcakes BS please tell.  I need all the help I can get on this one.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My husband thinks it is all about him...

My husband thinks it is all about him and it really drives me up the wall. I got a phone call this morning, at 8 something. I was in from helping the school aged kids catch the bus, changing the 22 month old and negotiating fashion sense with the 3 1/2 year old (I lost) and he leaves a message. "K- if you get this please call me back." I DESPISE these kinds of messages. I mean come on, you sound like high school drama queen calling to tell me you broke a nail and the manicure place stopped stocking your favorite color pink...
But who knows, maybe something really did happen that I need to know about. I use this rational every time he leaves that message. And I call him back at 9:05 AM. He tells me that the contract he is supposed to start in two weeks just sent him a message that they are canceling the release and won't need him. He sounds like somebody just died. And all I can think is, 'sorry babe, you are a consultant. This is the risk you take." I've been living this roller coaster for 11 years. I've been a damn good sport. But don't interrupt my day to tell me this - there is nothing I can do and nothing I can say and you are mad because in between your earth shattering bad news I am speaking to the previously mentioned small people currently running around my kitchen and fighting amongst themselves and with the dog. And somehow my lack of ability to focus soley on you makes you feel not quite validated in your bad mood funk and what can I say? I cannot fix this. You choose this life. It isn't personal. You are not supposed to take it personal but you do, every friggin time, you do. Get over yourself. And get back to work, you have 6 mouths to feed besides your own. I swear, I am getting a high powered High Paying job as soon as 22 month old hits kindergarten. I don't know what it will be, but "wife of consultant" does not pay enough and the risk factor is giving us all ulcers.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


My mother in law is a teacher. So is a certain Mr. A who thinks he runs our church. I notice that they both speak to me with the same pattern. They are aloof, "Oh hi, How can I help you," or "What can I do for you" kind of greeting on the phone (I mean hello my mother in law identifies her self when she calls me and I don't reply with a polite version of "what do you want" I figure she'll get to that on her own) and when they do want me to do something they ask very politely. Usually it is a message on my answering machine because I rarely answer the phone (that isn't just them, I rarely answer it period.) and so I think it over. But if I don't think it over fast enough they call back with this very teacher voice. Nice, but commanding/demanding, requiring I get back to them or they are going to have to mark it as a zero, voice. Which of course makes me just not want to answer them at all. I mean, the little rebel who never was jumps out and yells "NO! and YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!"
It is a shame. Teachers should be the most revered people on the planet. And I have a few who I really do hold in very high esteem. But only a few. And I rarely like the grownups that I know who teach. They are so... I don't know. So something. So LISA! You are special, 'cause I like you.