Monday, October 20, 2008

More Politics

more politics - only one more and then I will move on - I promise.  Well, maybe I don't promise, but I will try. *wink*
I saw this on twitter today.
It is on the abortion issue:
Both seem a bit extreme.
I don't believe an unwanted pregnancy quite deserves the term "pregnancy as punishment" and as an adoptive mom I've got some pretty strong feelings about that.
However, I do believe in allowances for extreme cases.  Health risks (which needs a bit more definition), cases of abuse.  And I strongly believe that this country seriously lacks support for pregnant woman who choose to go to term and place their child.  WHERE are they supposed to go?  That is something I hope to tackle when all my kids are in school.  In the meantime... well... they both seem extreme.  But I do believe "infanticide" is the right word here.  
Oh, and I'd like to note that at least one of them, is willing to go on record with his belief.  Right or wrong, he will state it in plain English so you know what it is.  I like that in a person.

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Tiffiney said...

I am kinda the same as you on this..My first came when I was 21 and not way was I going to have an abortion..I was upfront with all the guys I dated..if I got pregnant I was not having an abortion..they all understood this! Anyway, that is my personal feelings..but like you for Health issues, abuse, rape, etc. I can understand. I know people that have abortions and regret it, and have never had any others. I also know people who have had many abortions. I feel this is totally wrong! Abortion is NOT birth control!!! I am not here to judge..but abortion is not for me and if someone after allot of thought and consultation does have an abortion, I think only the first 3 months..after that the baby should be carried to term! I can say soooo much more..but I will stop now :)