Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm sick of High School antics

I don't get it.  I really don't.  And I don't know WHY it bothers me SO friggin much.  It has been three weeks now.  THREE WEEKS and I'm still wondering what the heck I ever did to A.H. to make her be so friggin rude to me?  And to A.A. who has known me since back in the days of psycho step dad and some other weird stuff.  And then there is just M.L. who is stiff and socially inept and to whom I am always pleasant and who hangs with A.H. and WHATEVER!  Go away people.  
I am stuck bumping into these girls at all sorts of places.  I see them at preschool.  I see them at church.  I have tried, unsuccessfully to go to church elsewhere.  Because of them.  Because of Mr. A. who tries to run the place.  Because of my in-laws who know everybody and are into my business all the time.  Nothing like being IN CHURCH and hearing your mother-in-law say to another woman in the building that she was on the vacation with her son when you got pregnant with number 4 and the kids were in her hotel room and she thought "they just needed to catch up on their sleep" they meaning your husband and yourself.  Nice.
But them aside... it frustrates me that A.H. only looks at me when necessary.  That she only speaks to me when necessary.  She is so sweetly nice to my husband.  What did I do to her?  Yes, when I met her she already knew SAP Geek, but she was also already MARRIED.  So not like I stepped in where I should not have.  And A.A. I'm over.  Really and truly over.  We've bought her art work.  We've been supportive and pleasant.  I've made her dinners when her kids were born.  I've asked nothing of her ever.  
So girls, go drink the cool-aid.  Gloves are off.  I'll be as big a witch as I feel like being.
And by the way, I'm prettier than you are too.

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Tiffiney said...

lol..love the last line!! I tell ya I am so happy right at this moment to live in a town where I know no one! I really hate not having friends here...but to deal with that kind of high school drama...NO THANKS been there done that! Sorry you are having to deal with those...well bitty's....just look at them and smile like nothing is bothering you at all...that will get under their skin...lol....