Wednesday, October 8, 2008

money money money

Ah so.
I am needing to find a mode of employment.
My life as a spoiled brat has come to a screeching halt.
Not that there have not been warning signs along the way, yes I saw them, *YAWN* but reality has hit.  My husband, about whom I complain a lot here but in reality he is a great guy who works his butt off, had let me know that it will likely take 3 years for us to pull out of this rough spot.  3 years.  I was hoping he'd say something like 3 months.  ARGH!
Did I mention that for the first time ever in my life we have been invited to a "society event'
one of the girls from the consulting network is getting married.  It is a 3 day event in NYC.  Seriously.  Pre- kid me would have a shopping extravaganza to prepare!  You need a day bag, an evening bag, a day outfit and an evening outfit for each day PLUS accessories!!! OMG!  Shopping heaven.  Except no.  There is a credit crunch.  The business has been operating negatively for two quarters and probably will continue to do so this quarter and if the stock market keeps crashing that means out clients will continue to be nervous.... NO!  So my dear husband will go to NY and hobnob with his business contacts and I will stay home and wipe butts and mop floors because I have nothing to wear.  The agony!!!
I need a friggin job.  MMM HHMMM.  Did I mention I have no skills? nada. zip. I make a great receptionist front desk girl but that doesn't pay enough for day care so there is no point.  


Meg said...

How about a job as a personal shopper? Do you have any big department stores near you? That might have flexible hours that could work around school schedules.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I love new readers!

Tiffiney said...

I need a job to....stinks...I don't really want to take care of kids all day, plus homeschool and then go to work at night...uggg...the things we have to do...problem is here in this small town there are not many openings...Good luck on your job search!! I am right there with you! :)