Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm allowed to be mad

Okay, so I need to name my husband something...
I like how in Sex and the City the guys don't have names, they just have identities. So I'm guessing SAP Geek ought to be my husband's identity...
I'll go with that for now...
so anyway
SAP Geek - to whom I am married on the weekend because he travels all week - was irritated this afternoon because I was grouchy. I was grouchy for a list of small reasons each of which is insignificant but added together they grew into reason enough for this female to be a bit grouchy. He was mad at me for being grouchy.
Traditionally SAP Geek feels it is his purgative to be as nasty as he wishes until he is done being nasty and then to suddenly be better without any transition, apology, blah blah blah. So not the "lets talk" of the female way...
We did a bit of back and forth today... he fine but pissing me off... me fine but pissing him off... yadada and so on...
finally after dinner I poured myself a lovely glass of 1 oz Orange something or other inherited from his grandmother, added 2 oz of vodka and filled the rest of the tumbler with diet coke. I was folding laundry and he sat down with his beer and I looked at him and recapped the day:
"So, as I understand it, you were mad at me for being cranky. I left to run errands and came home fine but you were still ticked and giving me the cold shoulder. You left as I was serving dinner to assert your independence/indifference which ticked me off. Then you dug up the ugly weed in the yard so we could bury the dog which allowed for redemption but you chopped my head off when I wanted to put this dead dog by the other dead dog to avoid the pet cemetery look that is happening in my front yard. So now I'm confused, are you speaking to me or not?"
To which he answered
"Well that depends are you sorry?" but he was smart enough to laugh as he said it.
I answered, "No I'm not sorry! I'll be in a bad mood if I want to! And further more, Mr. Control Yourself, control your own damn self before you go yelling at me for being in a bad mood."
Like I said, he was smart enough to laugh, and laughing he said "I just don't hear the remorse."
To which I answered, "Ya think cowboy? There ain't no remorse."
But it seems we are friends again which is nice since he'll be leaving the house at 4 AM to catch a flight West to a client.

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