Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hot Blogger Calendar...

this is silly
I am so not into things like this. But because I can, and because it won't get me "into trouble" I nominated Wess. Because he is hot in a wonderfully un-teen magazine kinda way. A.) he is wicked smart and maybe I'm a dork or a geek or a nerd but smart is sexy. Way back in 7th grade I decided there was no dating boys I deemed "dumber than me" - which basically cut out the entire 7th grade but that is besides the point. B.) the man has muscles (not that I noticed or anything) C.) he is funny D.) he has got eyes that put him in Johnny Depp class
so yeah, if someone actually is trying to keep track of such things, he should qualify as "hot blogger"

so really there is a contest..

and this here is my nominee

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