Monday, August 18, 2008

To begin...

It was suggested to me when I was bemoaning the fact that my mother, husband, the evil wife of my husband's business partner (perhaps - PLEASE GOD! soon to be ex-business partner) and others read my blog - which is all very flattering except I find myself censoring... it would seem that the issue (for me anyways) is that with a public journal I am going to get myself and possibly others in trouble. I mean - if the (I hope soon to be ex) partner's wife reads the blog and realizes I am talking about her husband - then there are consequences for my husband and the business and the tide pool spreads. So... I censor... and what fun is there in that???
And so this is the anonymous blog... and there will be no pictures of children... and no real names... and I can snark away.
Yay me.

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Decade Four said...

Kitty, Just found your blog, I've only read a few posts - I am also married to a consultant - I also have a blog - I also feel like I should've kept it more anon from the get go - but, not to be creepy, I think you are in NE ... you said 'wicked'!!

Anyway, you are hilarious and I feel like I'm reading about myself (minus the children since I don't have any).
-Decade Four